The Great Playlist

Link to the Youtube list itself.

One of the great things about Deadlands is that finding music for it is incredibly easy, as the Western is not the most obscure of genres. However, you don’t want to put the theme from Bonanza interspersed with a couple of Garth Brooks songs on loop for 10 hours straight (unless you’re trying to make your players and not their characters go crazy). Yet, people are still making this mistake.

So, since Youtube allows playlists and has basically a copy of every song on there (for free and legally, to boot!), I went ahead and made the above list. It’s quite heavy on the spaghetti western influences (because Deadlands is) and soundtracks. The rear of the playlist is filled with vocal type stuff (which is what I tend to use for extended combat scenes), so you can either ignore it or hit shuffle to add it all in.

The soundtrack to Red Dead Redemption was more or less made for this game, so if you’re going to listen to just one set of songs (or you’re still using a CD player, you Luddite), those are the ones. The regular OST is perfect for all your spaghetti western needs, covering action and ambience in equal terms. The haunting rendition of ‘Bury Me Not on the Lone Prarie’ should get played at every PC’s funeral. On top of that, the Undead Nightmare expansion has its own soundtrack, which is utterly brilliant for when things turn the horror route.

The Great Playlist

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