Shootin From the Hip

Counting Coops

I always thought that coup powers were some of the coolest things in the game: kill a monster, get a theme power. Even better are the ones with a trade-off, or that straddle the grey area of being evil but working for the greater good. However, only Harrowed get to have fun.

Except in Hell on Earth, because, uh… well, I don’t think this was ever explained, but I would guess it’s due to all the latent supernatural energy laying around. And I have no idea how Lost Colony is supposed to work with that subject.

So, to hell with it. Anyone can count coup. It’s just too much fun giving players enough rope to hang themselves with.

The Great Guts Debate

So a couple of people have said they feel Guts is a bit of a skill-tax. I don’t necessarily agree (Deadlands is a horror game at heart, after all), but I can see where someone with a Spirit of d12 should have a decent time overcoming his fears. Guts, however, can still stand on its own as representing someone who has trained themselves to overcome fear on their own. So, I’ll allow either to be used freely; however, a raw Spirit check vs. Fear will only gain half the normal Grit bonus. It’s up to you whether you want a high bonus or a better die.

Shootin From the Hip

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