Other Arcane Backgrounds

A note on old arcane backgrounds and how they work in Lost Colony.

Blessed, Templar, and Voodoo powers come from the forces of good, and work as normal.

Doomsayers have a hard time tapping the Glow on Banshee. They take a +2 on all Spellcasting rolls and recover their power points in twice the normal time. These penalties go away if the Doomie is within 10 yards of an active nuclear reactor or is in a place where ambient radiation from the sun is available.

Harrowed behave just fine on Banshee, though they are not as common, as Banshee tries to raise Guardians to help her. Only in Deadlands or places with large concentrations of ghost rock are Harrowed raised solely.

Hucksters and Grifters find plenty of manitous to deal with after the arrival of the Reckoners, and also work normally.

Junkers find far less tech spirits in the natural environs of Banshee. Any of their devices cost twice as many power points as normal to activate. This does not apply while in a ship or arcology city, as the tech spirits are plenty and powerful in such places. Mad and Patent Science devices still function normally, but such characters still cannot invent anything new.

Shamans find an abundance of nature spirits on Banshee. All of their powers cost 1 less Power Point than usual (to a minimum of 1). This bonus goes away in any predominantly technological center or away from Banshee herself.

Toxic Shamans, on the other hand, cannot invoke ANY powers on Banshee. Toxic spirits view Banshee’s pristine nature with horror and run screaming from it. The only exceptions are within a mile of a large ghost rock deposit or within a Deadland; their powers work normally there. Using their powers away from Banshee costs 1 more power point than normal.

Sykers, while somewhat rare, still exist on Faraway. Naturally, they can’t take the Apostate/Oathbreaker or Oath of Unity hindrances, but most of them are Wanted, typically being deserters, or have a Vow to work with EXFOR. Being Faraway sykers, they all have access to the Fortitude edge, though with the arrival of the Reckoners, a handful have been ‘gifted’ the Overkill edge.

Other Arcane Backgrounds

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