New Mad Science Edges and Hindrances

Finely Tuned
Requirements: Seasoned, Arcane Background (Weird Science), Smarts d8+, Repair d8+, Mad Science d8+

The scientist has studied under the best masters in his field and has fine tuned his creations to maximum efficiency. Each raise a mad scientist gets on his activation roll reduces the cost of the power by 1 Power Point, to a minimum of 1. The gizmo must have the full points available to use the power in the first place before rolling. You only need to take this Edge once, not for each gizmo.

Requirements: Veteran, Wild Card, Smarts d10+, Repair d8+, Mad Science d10+

Having your gizmo malfunction just when you need it most is at best annoying, and at worse life-threatening. This scientist has learned to utilize several fail-safes with his devices. The inventor’s gizmos malfunction only on a critical failure. This only applies to the Mad Scientist using his own personal devices, not for anyone else that might happen to use it.

Requirements: Seasoned, Repair d8+, Weird Science d10+

On taking this Edge, the scientist may craft (or modify) an item that adds +1 to the user’s relevant trait roll, increases the damage of a weapon by +1, or increases the bonus of armor by +1. No activation roll is required, this bonus is always active.

Assuming the artificer is always “fiddling” with devices (not locked in prison, for example), and has adequate tools, he can increase his device’s efficiency. Every time he goes up a rank, he adds another +1 to any item of his choice. This could be his own gun (bonus to Shooting), the clothing of another (bonus to Armor), or any other item of his choice. The item now adds that bonus to the user’s relevant trait or damage roll, or armor rating. No item may have more than a +4 bonus.

Bonuses from items don’t stack, so a balanced pistol +1 (Shooting) wielded by someone with targeting goggles +2 (Shooting) gets only the highest of the two. Bullets that add +1 to damage can still be used in the gun, however. The other big downside is that these devices can now malfunction like a normal weird science gadget, although they only deal 2d4 damage in a small burst template.

New Mad Science Edges and Hindrances

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