Glass Stand

A demonstration of the truly weird nature of the Wastes. Despite its small size and remote location, it was bombed during the Last War. However, what happens when you pass through the rad storm circling it is… different, to say the least. Sometimes you find Glass Stand, the bombed out husk of a ghost town with a small survivor community trying to get by. Other times you’ll find Last Stand, a pristine but eerily uninhabited town from before the bombs were dropped.

A junker named Schrodinger theorized that the town exists in two different places at the same time, until one passes through the storm and observes the place. While unsure of the exact cause, a toxic shaman named Cat With Two Lives states that the Hunting Grounds around the place are peculiarly tainted in a unique way. Perhaps this accounts for the strange tale of two cities.

NW-AZ Train Station
Shut down long before the Last War. Used in an attempt to rebrand the town as a tourist attraction but failed miserably.

Cry a River Saloon
Apparently no one got around to fixing that sign. The owner, Blake River, has a line on real, honest to God Threaded stock of cattle somehow.

Number One Hotel
A weirdly anachronistic holdover from the boomtown days. Still has the same decor, cheap beer and stained sheets.

The House Calypso
What’s left of her, anyway. A gambling den and house of ill-repute.

Green’s General Goods and Garage
Amazingly, still (mostly) intact. The pumps even work! Severe lack of Twinkies, though.

Yep, there’s one here too.

Sweetwater National Bank
The most well defended building in town and de facto city hall.

Church of the God Bomb
As presided over by the good and honorable Doomsayer, Valentine.

Weird West Museum
A small but strange collection of artifacts from the time when Last Stand was home to strange shenanigans. Built around the old sheriff’s office.

Old Governor’s Mansion
From when Arizona was still a territory. Every attempt at rebuilding has seen the building burn down.

Mourning Star Cemetery
Bigger than ever. Go figure.

Glass Stand

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