Banshee Screams

Lost Colony Archetypes

Anouk Warrior: You are a member of a proud warrior race, fighting to defend his homeland. Once you fought the invaders, but now that you have a common enemy, you’ve forged an uneasy truce with the settlers. You’ll want to have a high Strength and Fighting skill, and plenty of melee combat edges, and you almost certainly have the Outsider hindrance. You may also want to look at becoming a War Priest and take the Arcane Background: Shaman edge.

AWOL Soldier: War is hell, and no one knows that better than you. After one too many ‘pacification events’ went horribly bad, you walked. Now, you’re in hiding from your former EXFOR comrades, though whether you’re a mercenary for hire or simply want to be left alone is up to you. You’ll have a high Shooting and good Agility and Vigor to go with some combat edges. You likely left with some good gear, as well as the Wanted (major) hindrance.

Banshee Born: Though human, you’ve never set foot on Earth or know anything about it other than stories your parents told you. You also have a strange connection to the natives of Banshee, and the planet herself. You’ll want the Banshee Born edge (naturally). You are no older than 20 (many have the Young hindrance), so your skills probably aren’t too developed yet, but you’ve probably begun to focus on one area of expertise (Shooting, Piloting, etc) by now.

Bloodletter: A practical need for swordsmen and other melee weapon specialists has emerged among spacers, as guns have an unfortunate tendency to blow holes in fragile space ships and kill everyone involved. Not to mention that smuggling a piece of carbon fiber through spaceports is usually much easier than having to explain all those firearms to the customs officers. You need a high Fighting skill, a decent Smarts or Agility to pull off the occasional Trick, and some melee edges.

Colonial Ranger: Those lucky few who attempt to maintain the peace between the settlers of Banshee and the rest of the system, you have nominal jurisdiction anywhere humans are. Good luck getting them to recognize that. You’ll need the Colonial Ranger edge, as well as a good Intimidate, Shooting, and Notice skill. You’ll also probably want some Tracking and Survival skills too, just in case.

Confessor: Rare is the wicked soul who seeks repentance in these days, but it’s not unheard of. Black hearted reavers, murderous soldiers, or even cultists of dark gods, the confessors accept all who pass their test and seek redemption. You actively fight against the evils of the Faraway system, typically the minions of the Reckoners. You’ll need the Arcane Background: Confessor edge, a high Fighting skill, and good Vigor and Spirit to resist the darkness.

Gunslinger: Even in space, there’s always a place for someone who can shoot a gun, especially in a lawless frontier like the Faraway system. Whether bounty hunter, bodyguard, or bandit, you are a man to be feared. You need a good Agility and Shooting and edges to help you in a shootout; a good Taunt or Intimidate and Notice can’t hurt either.

Jacks: Drifters who travel Faraway, taking one odd job after another, never staying in one place for long, they are true jacks of all trades, masters of none. Often highly educated with a versatile skillset, jacks can find a place. You’ll want a high Smarts and a smattering of skills of all types. You also probably speak a few different languages and own an eclectic set of gear.

K’Ryou-Shido Disciple: One of the Bloodhood, a group of Shaolin monks who have absorbed the members of an anouk clan, renowned as bounty hunters who will fulfill a contract or die trying. You are either human or anouk, have the Arcane Background: Enlightened Martial Artist. and often have a high Tracking and Streetwise to go with your Fighting skill.

Mute: HI’s mysterious Transmuters are welcomed everywhere in Faraway, for their nanobot systems allow them to repair the many things that have been broken or jury-rigged on the frontier. You need the Arcane Background: Mute edge, and a good Smarts to go with your high Repair and various Knowledges.

Prospector: Precious minerals, ghost rock, and God only knows what those weird things that float around the Belt are, but they all fetch a high price, and you are one of the rugged types who make a living prying them free. You need a good Vigor and probably a few points in Knowledge and Survival; Persuasion will help you get a good price for the fruits of your labors.

Reaper: You have left behind your human roots and embraced the way of life of the anouks, and found yourself fighting against your own kind more than once. Some label you terrorist, but you truly believe that Banshee is a living entity who doesn’t belong to anyone, and she has gifted you for your devotion. You’ll probably want some combo of the Arcane Background: Reaper and Gone Native edges, as well as some combat skills.

Smuggler: From point A to point B, you can get it there. No matter if ‘it’ happens to be a shipment of ghost rock, medicine, or weapons, or who knows what else, just so long as you get paid upfront. You need the Ship edge and good Piloting skills, and likely have both good Persuasion (to con your way out of trouble) and decent Shooting (as Hell tends to break loose when you can’t).

Syker: Stranded on Banshee when the rest of the Syker Legion escaped on the Unity, you’ve tried to make the best of a bad situation, ducking EXFOR and selling your skills to get by. You’ll need the Arcane Background: Syker and some combat skills to help you.

TRASH Man: When Hellstromme Industries has a potential public relations disaster on its hands, they take out the TRASH: Tactical Retrieval of Aberrant Systems and Hardware. Troubleshooters for the mighty HI, you find yourself walking the line between taking difficult orders and letting some pass, as Vanessa Hellstromme’s odd behavior of late is troubling. You’ll want a high Shooting skill, as well as a good Notice and Scrutinize to find what’s being hidden. You also probably have the Cyber Tolerant edge, as HI is the premier source for cybernetic implants.

Banshee Screams

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