The Saint of Vengeance

Revolver with the power to grant revenge

weapon (ranged)

The Saint of Vengeance does 2d8 damage per shot. Anyone using the Saint of Vengeance gains the No Mercy edge if they do not already have it. Any called shots are done at half the normal penalty.

Whenever the wielder of the Saint of Vengeance takes damage, instead of making a normal Soak roll, he may choose to take the full amount and then spend a Fate Chip to immediately deal the same amount of wounds to the enemy who hurt him. Anyone injured in this way cannot make a Soak roll to cancel the damage. This effect is automatic, and can even be done if the shooter would be Incapacitated as a result of his wounds. To use this ability, the wielder must have at least one round chambered in the pistol.

Finally, anyone slain while carrying the Saint of Vengeance may draw an extra three cards when seeing if they become Harrowed. If they die as a result of choosing to damage an enemy instead of canceling their own wounds, they (and the person killed) automatically come back Harrowed, though in this case the manitou will have full Dominion.

Users gain the Vengeful hindrance, and will respond with violence towards any perceived slight or insult. If the user is already Vengeful, this hindrance becomes all-encompassing while the gun is worn; the user must make a Spirit roll at -4 or instantly kill anyone who slights, disrespects, or irritates them. Should it be botched, the killing rage extends to the families and acquaintances of the guilty party. Additionally, the bearer gains the Bad Dreams hindrance, as he is haunted by visions of the deaths of the various wielders of the gun.


The Saint of Vengeance is a single action Colt Peacemaker that looks to be well worn with much use, but has been well kept and thus is still in perfect working condition. The only adornment is a silver snake engraved in the handle.

This gun was first owned by a former soldier turned bounty hunter who went by the name of Joe ‘Blondie’ Monco, a deadly gunfighter who was known to never let a slight go unanswered. It is unknown what happened to him, but his gun has surfaced from time to time in the hands of those driven to avenge some great wrong.

The Saint of Vengeance

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