The Great Garbonzo's Hat

A black silk tophat


Benefits: While wearing or holding the hat, any Huckster may gain a +2 to any check involving sleight of hand. Additionally, with a successful Spirit roll, any item on the Huckster’s body can be produced from the hat with a flourish – a fob watch, some change, a Peacemaker, and so on. An item is ALWAYS produced – if the roll is failed, another random item is pulled through. On a Bust something disastrous happens (a scattergun is pulled through by the trigger, for example). Should the above roll be passed with a raise, a random item may be grabbed from a random person within 15 feet of the Huckster. For each raise on the Spirit roll, either the target or the item itself may be specified, or the range increased by 5 feet. So, should the Huckster get 3 raises, he or she could grab a specific object from a specific person within 15 feet, a specific item from a random person within 20 feet, or a random item from a random person within 30 feet.

Taints: An infernal imp is bound to the hat. This little critter, visible or invisible at will as well as ethereal, is treated exactly as if the PC was haunted by an unfriendly ghost.


Appearance: A shiny top hat of midnight black silk, with a white band. The letter “G” is stitched into the inside of the hat in scarlet thread.

History: The Great Garbonzo was a stage magician of great renown who operated out of Boston before the war. He managed to cheat his way out of a bargain with the Devil before he died, by magically hiding his soul in the body of his favorite Persian cat. The cat went on to bigger and better things, and the Great Garbonzo lived to tell the tale. His hat, however, is still guarded by a watchful imp set there by the Devil himself, should he ever return to take possession of it.

The Great Garbonzo's Hat

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