St. Elbus' Chalices

A holy pair of white clay cups


Benefits: Anyone drinking water or wine from one of these chalices may be healed. The cups are considered to have both the Healing, Greater Healing and Succor powers and 20 power points to activate them. If used by someone who doesn’t have the Faith skill, the drinker instead makes a Spirit roll to activate the chosen power.

Any related Christian ritual (apart from the healing ritual – baptism, communion, exorcism, marriage, and so on) performed using the cups as an integral part grants a +2 to the minister’s Faith roll.

Taint: Make a note of all wounds, permanent injuries, and fatigue healed by use of the chalices. Each PC who is healed in this manner must make Faith rolls for Sinnin’ just as a Blessed would, for the next week. Should one of these rolls be failed, the wounds re-appear as they were, except with one additional level of Wound (if this brings them past 3 wounds, they are Incapped as usual).

Should the cups ever be held by an evil creature (such as a Harrowed with a Manitou who has Dominion), be irreverently or sacrilegiously used, they will crumble. The cups cannot be used more than once per recipient per 24-hour period.


Appearance: A pair of white clay chalices with a rim of silver engraved with the words “Peace and Hope through the Intercession of Our Lord” in Latin.

History: The origins of these ancient cups has been lost in time, but legend has it that they were part of the stolen treasures of a small German chapel near Alsace where St. Elbus had once spent a winter in prayer. How they found their way to the West is anyone’s guess, but they are a gentle force for good wherever they go and it is certain that there presence here serves a greater purpose. Legend has it that the lay brother who once stole the cups from the chapel still roams the earth, deathless and tormented, seeking solace. Perhaps, should the cups be used to achieve some great good, his soul will finally be able to rest.

St. Elbus' Chalices

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