Jackson's Coat

A tattered military jacket


Power: Whoever wears this coat gains two points of Toughness; this bonus doubles when he is in a duel.

Taint: The owner of Jackson’s coat will never refuse or back out of a duel. If he ever fails a Test of Wills involving Taunt, he will immediately challenge his opponent to a duel, if applicable (and not already in combat). If he is already in combat, he will immediately attack his Taunter. While in a duel, the wearer of the coat will never opt to go for speed.


Old Hickory, Andrew Jackson, was known to invoke violence in defense of his honor as quick as he was to draw breath. These duels left his body so full of lead that people said he rattled like a bag of marbles. The most famous of these was against a famous duelist who insulted his wife. During the fight, Jackson allowed his opponent to fire at him, where the bullet lodged in his chest. Jackson then calmly leveled his own pistol and fired, killing his opponent instantly. The bullet was too close to his heart to be removed and caused health problems for the rest of his life, but Jackson never regretted the decision. “If he had shot me through the brain, sir, I still would have killed him.”

Jackson's Coat

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