Isatai's Vest

A nearly bulletproof hide vest


Power: These vests provide armor +4. Any firearms lose their normal AP when fired against someone wearing one of the hide vests, even when calling a shot for a location not covered by the vest.

Taint: As noted, the Comanches guard these garments fiercely. Further, any technological item used by the wearer malfunction like a Mad Scientist’s device.


In 1874, Quanah Parker, a Comanche chieftain, led 700 warriors against about 30 buffalo hunters at Adobe Walls Creek. The hunters were encamped in three adobe buildings, from which the area took its name. Forewarned by a cagey saloonkeeper, the hunters put up a valiant fight, only to find their prized Sharps .50’s useless against their attackers. The entire camp would have been slaughtered, had Bat Masterson not been there to engineer their escape.

Parker’s braves were protected by magical shirts and vests provided by the shaman Isatai. These garments gave the wearer virtual immunity to bullets. Fortunately for the Union and Confederacy, Isatai and the secret of his shirts seemed to vanish immediately after the battle. A few war parties so clothed could spell big trouble for both North and South.

A few of the vests used at Adobe Walls are floating around the Weird West. These garments were once virtually impervious to bullets. Although time has dulled the magic which endowed such protection, the vests still provide their wearers with a great amount of safety. They are made from buffalo hide and adorned with a Comanche protective symbol dyed onto the back. Any Comanche will immediately recognize the shirt for what it is, and is likely to attack any non-Comanche wearing one.

Isatai's Vest

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