"Squinty" Samuel Harrison


Deftness 4d8

Shootin': Shotgun

Shootin': Pistol


Nimbleness 4d8



Horse Ridin'


Quickness 4d8

Strength 4d4

Vigor 4d6

Cognition 3d6


Knowledge 3d12

Academia: Occult

Area Knowledge: Home County (wherever the hell that is…)


Language: Native

Medicine: General

Medicine: Surgeon

Science: Biology

Science: Chemistry

Science: Engineering

Science: Mad Science

Science: Physics

Mien 1d12


Tale Tellin'

Smarts 3d12




Spirit 2d10



Bad Eyes




Arcane Background: Mad Scientist


Fate's Favored

Mechanically Inclined


Theories Formulated:

<u>Theory:  Sound Dampener (Straight or Better, Malfunctions on 19+)</u>

Following up on the research of the Mojave Rattler's sensitive glands keyed to resonations in the earth, I posit that by utilizing ghost rock with a small clockwork mechanism, "counter-frequency" can be surreptitiously emitted.  Implementing springs, gears, and ghost rock, a "music box" of sorts can be built to mimic nearby sounds and project (with help from the ghost rock) what can be called a "dampening field," silencing a five-foot radius around the palm-sized device.

Mechanics:  Activation takes a round to wind up the gears and calibrate the device.  An ounce of ghost rock powers the device for an hour.  While active, the device grants a +10 to Sneak, and no sound that would take place in the five foot radius can be heard.

<u>Theory: Devil's Eye (4 of a Kind)</u>

In accordance with the studies on ghost rock initiated by Dr. Rufus Witherbee, I hereby postulate that the principles of this magnificent element can only enhance the efficiency of the normally sufficient firearm – a pistol, in this case.  It is still debatable just what this effect would be, as ghost rock is still highly unpredictable.

I theorize that utilizing ghost rock in the production of a sighting accessory of an otherwise normal pistol will heighten the accuracy of said firearm, and the molding of ghost rock into ammunition for such a said weapon would increase the potency of firing the pistol in question.  Crafting the sighting accessory, in the least, I believe is necessary when working with the volatile ghost rock bullets.  For the control factor (in regards to the ghost rock compatibility) in this particular experiment, I will use the weapon along with normal ammunition, to test its effect.

This experiment is sure to result in both a highly accurate and devastatingly damaging pistol, the likes of which have yet to be revealed.  While the slower speed of this weapon compared to automatics will obviously be a drawback, the Devil's Eye will grant a gunslinger with a good eye a dangerous advantage in any combat situation.

Mechanics:  With normal bullets, +2 to hit.  Spend 6 Wind, +5 (free Raise).  With ghost rock bullets, +1 damage type per 6 Wind.  This ghost rock bullet works in synergy with the accuracy bonus, i.e., spending the 6 Wind to get accuracy will also grant the bonus damage when using the ghost bullets.


<u>Theory:  Far Reach (4 of a Kind – Reliability: 19)</u>

Utilizing the pliant properties of ghost steel when under sufficient heat, it is theorized that a device can be assembled in such a manner that a spearheaded coiled spring fashioned out of ghost steel can be forcefully projected until the barbed tip is embedded in an object.  When this occurs, a recoiling button on the handle may be pressed, pulling the user to the spearhead.  This invention should make it easier for an individual to traverse chasms, quickly ascent buildings, and otherwise provides an amazing new foray into mobility.

Mechanics:  When used, an individual can traverse a range of 50'.


<u>Theory:  Widowmaker (Full House – Reliability: 19)</u>

As a Winchester 76 rifle, but smoother transition.

Mechanics:  As the rifle, but with ROF 2, Range 25, and Shots 19


<u>Theory:  X-Caliber "The Bigguner" (Royal Flush – No Reliability)</u>

The aptly named pistol is an "all-caliber" firearm that can fire any pistol and rifle round known to man (and some unknown just yet).  The device acts as a typical gun, however its utility and true value lies within the interchangeable chambers.  A number of extra chambers remain attached to the gun and can be swiveled into place.  The chemically treated ghost steel is able to hold six of each round (preloaded), somewhat serving as extra loaded clips.  This firearm requires both hands due to the bulky nature of it, and scopes cannot typically be fit to the top (unless custom made to get around the auxiliary chambers).  The gun can fire .22 (2d4), .44 (3d6), .44-.40 (4d8, rifle range), .45 (3d6), .50 (4d10), and shotgun (4d6+2d6), and it has two extra barrels for firing "unique" rounds.

Mechanics:  The pistol has a ROF of 3, as it has three barrels, however the shots fire from different chambers, though one needs 2 raises to hit with all three shots.  Any Shootin' skill may be used to fire the gun, and a free action may be spent to switch chambers on the fly if an individual has a Shootin' skill of 3 or higher.


"Squinty" Samuel Harrison is a crotchety, middle-aged Black man, calculating and inquisitive.  Sammy is a packrat, as is any other self-respecting man of science.  Years of close scrutiny of diagrams, figures, formulas, and tattered blueprints have only served to augment the damage done by age.  As a consequence of his failing vision, Sammy was forced to add two important items to his ever-growing Weird West survival kit: spectacles and shotgun. 

Not willing to let a mere vision impairment come between him and scientific pursuit, Sammy makes his way from town to town in search of inspiration for the next big invention.  The West may be Weird, but it ain't nothin' Sammy's gadgets can't handle.

 And if all else fails…there's always dynamite.

"Squinty" Samuel Harrison

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