Michael J. O'Malley



Actor Jensen Ackles

Song – Five Finger Death Punch – Bad Company

Agility d12
Smarts d8
Spirit d8
Strength d6
Vigor d12

Shooting d12
Fighting d12
Guts d8
Intimidation d10 +8
Knowledge (occult) d12
Leadership d4
Notice d10
Riding d4
Taunt d6 +2
Throwing d6
Sneak d4
Survival d6
Tracking d8

Mean – 2 Cha
Bloodthirsty – 4 Cha
Oath (Texas Rangers)

Veteran of the Weird West

Pace 6
Grit 6
Parry 8
Toughness 12(4)
Charisma -8

Good – “Why wont you die?!?!”- Stone
Good – Respect my authority
Bad – “One Riot, One Ranger”

HI – Intimidate d8 + Taunt d4
HI – Intimidate d10 + Taunt d6
5- Quick Draw
10- Speed Load
15- Sleuth
S- Spirit d8
25- Duelist
30- Dodge
35- Strong Willed
V- Quick
45- Improved Dodge
50- Rebel Yell
55- Luck
H- Great Luck
65-Two Fisted
70-True Grit
75- Reputation
L- Fast as Lightning

A Light Shining in Darkness (gun)
Body Armor
random shit I probably need
Irish O’Malley’s Duster


Michael was once a simple man, never expecting anything crazy to happen. He thought that he would grow old working on his little farm he had with his wife and kids. All of that changed, very rapidly. One night while him and his family were sitting down eating dinner and talking about their day, a creature cloaked in shadows blew apart the door to the house and charged in. So many things flashed through Michaels mind at the time, he didn’t know what this thing was or even if he was dreaming, but it was real and he knew that the second the creature ripped the head off of his wife. Michael jumped up and charged the beast giving it the old one two combo. The creature looked at him and swatted him with his hand and knocked him away like a fly. Michael panicked when he saw the creature going after his two children. The only thought he could think was kill it, just fucking kill it. Michael grabbed his trusted boot knife and leaped on top of the creature and started stabbing it in the neck and chest. As this creature thrashed around, it ended up clawing his two children and splitting them open. Michael saw rage at this point and continued to stab and stab and stab, even as the creature finally toppled over he just kept stabbing at it. His wife and two children laid motionless on the floor. He knew they were gone, he knew it and there was nothing he could do about it. So he went out back of his house under the great oak tree and started digging three graves. He laid his family to rest there. Not long after this took place, a man road up to the house. The man looked at Michael and introduced himself as Dean a Texas Ranger and started asking question about a “Shadow Man”. Michael looked at the man and pointed towards his house. “If that thing on my kitchen floor is this ‘shadow man’ you are looking for, well sir he is dead. FUCKING DEAD, that piece of shit cock sucker of a being attacked me and my family and I ended what ever life it had with my knife.” Dean looked at the Michael “I am sorry for your loss sir, but that thing is jsut a deranged man that escaped from prison”. Michael glared at the man and spoke in a serious low tone, full bent of rage and anger. “No the fuck it ain’t you dirty fucking cock sucker, I know better, I may be simple but I am not dumb. You have a lot of explaing to do.”
That is how Michael “Irish” O’Malley started his life as a Texas Ranger. The fact that he single handidly killed a supernatural creature with a simple knife and lived, most people say it was The luck of the Irish, others don’t believe it, but weither or not they do, that is how he got the nickname “Irish”. From this point on Michael’s sole purpose was to hunt down and kill anything that wasn’t human. Along his travels he received a package from an unknown source and inside this package was what seemed to be a worn out pistol with a silver snake on the handle. A not that simple read “Vengeance will come to those who deserve it”. From that point on a lot of things changed. Michael felt like he could take on anything and everything that stood in his way and they all of these evil creatures would feel the wrath of vengeance upon their heads.

Everything changes. Everyone changes. Nothing is ever the same. O’Malley learned this the hard way. After seeing his friends go through a portal to and end up God knows where, he made his life the best he could. Always on the run, always having to hide from Jasper Stone. As it is known, the only man to ever be shot in the head and live to tell the tell. Jasper hated him for this. Jasper would want him dead. So the next 200 years or so he made sure no one would know who he was or his past. Fast forward a bit. O’Malley volunteered himself to be turned into a cyborg to better his survival and to try and hunt down and kill Jasper Stone. What he didn’t know at the time was the AI chip being installed into his head. It wasn’t a normal AI chip, no it was Jasper Stone. The AI chip was that of Jasper Stone. It was done so that maybe he would be able to hunt down Stone if he could think and act like Stone. There were blackouts that O’Malley doesn’t remember nor will ever remember. During this time “Stone” took over and would hunt down his old friends and make their lives miserable. Every now and then he would regain control and not realize what happened. It was just not there. So for a while O’Malley started digging and doing research on Stone and trying to find anything that would lead to his death. And then it happened. Poof. Out of nowhere he went from a room with book to the streets of Last Stand. Trying to figure out what happened and process what the fuck was going on. He spotted Eli. “Eli where in the fuck is Danbrook” “Where do you think he is”

With that, straight to the Saloon. He hadn’t been here in years, never thought about this place. And there like he always was, sitting at the poker table, was Danbrook.

“You’re late.”

“No, you’re late. And where’s my money?”

“It’s tied up at the moment but you’ll get it. So answer me something, Danbrook. How did I get here?”

“I don’t know, I’m drunk.”

“Well maybe you should sober up because a lot of us are wondering the same thing.”

The night went on. Nothing special, nothing crazy, it was just a normal night. O’Malley didn’t really sleep that much and who’s to blame a man that is a fucking cyborg. So many thoughts flew through his mind. He knew about the events to come and he knew he had to find a way to kill Jasper Stone and all he could think of was Jasper Stone could only kill Jasper Stone. It clicked, he had his idea and he knew it was crazy and suicidal. “fuck it, I’ve lived long enough, Stone dies.” That’s the thought he kept in his mind knowing what was going to happen the minute they got to Tombstone and he was ready.

When they finally arrived at Tombstone, Danbrook gave his speak and in they charged. O’Malley and Danbrook side by side fighting again. Just like the old days, the good days. Bullets were flying, people were dying, and nothing seemed to even budge Stone. Nothing would hurt the being and then it happened. The demon in side started laughing inside O’Mally’s brain as he lost control of his own body and watched as his left had produced the needle in the palm and slammed Danbrook in his back. O’Mally screamed and screamed. He finally got to see what had been going on when he blacked out. It was a disgusting scene and he wanted no part of this. He betrayed his friends, he put them in danger, and he was helping the one man he wanted to see dead. He couldn’t hear what was going on and he could on see it. That is until he saw Stone put a barrel to his own head and level one towards himself. He saw the bullet leave the barrel. It was in slow motion. This was it. This was the end. He failed.

What seemed like hours in the dark was only mere seconds, he looked up and saw stone leveling off his gun to blast Danbrook in the skull and end his life. He couldn’t allow that to happen, he wouldn’t allow that to happen. He lifted his left arm and out from the palm was a plasma bolt and it his Stone’s pistol and melted it on contact, as he charged Stone; he melted the other pistol. Stone had no weapons to harm anyone with anymore. Undoing his pistol belt he tossed it to Danbrook. “You know what to do with these, Danbrook.” O’Malley had one ace still up his sleeve. The beeping started. He knew he only had seconds to get to Stone and he had to move faster than he had ever moved before. “EVERYONE GET THE FUCK AWAY FROM ME!” And kept on charging at Stone. With one furious move, O’Malley grabbed him in a bear hug. The beeping grew louder and then stopped. Everyone nearby that hadn’t scrambled away quickly cleared out and left the two of them there in the street.

For a long time there was silence. Then Stone spoke.

“Why won’t you die?”

O’Malley smiled and, with the smug air he always had, stared the right hand of Death in the face. “Didn’t you know? I’m you.” With this O’Malley changed his appearance to that of Jasper Stone and let out a big loud laught.

That was it. That was the end. O’Malley sacraficed himself to kill Stone and save his best friend so that he could continue this war. To finish what they had started. He didn’t know weather or not he was going to end up with the devil or up in front of those Pearly Gates. He didn’t care. He did the ballsiest move to Stone, for the second time, and killed him. His thoughts went to one thing… I am the only person I know that has gotten shot twice in the skull by Stone and lived. Twice that man couldn’t kill, but oh I killed him. With this he thought he was done. Then a man stood in front of him. Everyone knew him as “The Duke”. “O’Malley, this world isn’t done with you yet partner.”


Ernest Donaghy / brother
Went missing a few years after Michael joined the Rangers.

Dean Morgan / Ranger
Dean was the first person to come across Michael after what had happened to his family and he is also the man responsible for Michael joining the Rangers.

Robert Grant / Marshal
Robert and Michael ended up going after the same bounty’s several times and ended up working together for a while. Robert got called to go up North and deal with some Yankee business while Michael had to go capture some convicts in the CSA


Melvin Goldensmidt / Informant
Melvin occasionally gets called upon by Michael to get him information on anything suspicious before heading to a certain town or region.

Thomas McTaggard /Scott shitbag
As much as Tom and Mike hate each other, there are times to where they have had to team up and help each other out with “being”. Though Michael gets tired of all the fatty sheep asshole that Thomas eats.

Samual Sullivan / Huckster
Top Secret Information does not exist


Ernest Donaghy /brother
Detail are missing at this moment, only Michael knows about it.

PaPa Moon / VooDoo Witch Doctor
Michael has had several encounters with Moon and somehow Moon has always managed to get away. Moon is always trying to turn several southern towns into mindless zombies so he can attempt to take control of the CSA and then the west.

Randal Flagg / drifter
Causes hell and chaos when ever he goes. Michael can never get to the city on time to catch him. Always one step behind. Randal knows this and makes sure to give Michael a hell of a show.

Michael J. O'Malley

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