Walks on Four Claws



Agility – d8
Smarts – d6
Spirit – d12
Strength – d12
Vigor – d12+2


Notice d8
Tracking d8
Throwing d6
Shooting d6
Knowledge: Apache d8
Knowledge: English d8
Healing d8
Climbing d10
Fighting d12
Riding d10
Sneak d12
Survival d6
Guts d12
Tribal Medicine d12

Derived Statistics

Charisma – -4
Grit – 5
Pace – 8
Parry – 8
Toughness – 27 (10 Armor)


Tomahawk of the Sun x2 (Tannis Infused Smite)
Knives x4
Bladed War Club
Arrows x10
Water Skin
Kane’s Necklace
Buckskin Pants
Isatai’s Vest (Tannis Infused Armor)

Don’t Get Em Riled
Two Fisting
Arcane Background: Shamanism
Totem Spirit: Wolf
White Wolf (Pale Horse)
Nerves of Steel
Improved Nerves of Steel
Hard to Kill
Iron Jaw
Improved Hard to Kill
Tough as Nails
Tougher than Nails
Banshee Sense
Level Headed

Old Ways Oath (Major)
Ugly (minor)
Outsider (minor)
Heroic (Major)


Power Points: 20

Spirit Warrior (Boost/Lower Trait)
Speed of the Wolf (Quickness)
Turtle’s Shell (Armor)
Greater Healing
Horned Owl’s Fury (Smite)
Spirit Walker (Teleport)
Contact Spirit World


The Devils Herd – +2 Armor
Fresh Meat – Eat a pound of raw meat, gain a healing check.
Famine – No penalties from Fatigue, no longer needs to eat.
Pestilence – Immune to Disease, cure disease by touch 1/week.
War – Level Headed, Can slay undead with a touch
Death – Cannot die except from acts of violence, 1 toughness


Rock Skin
Super Natural Attribute (Vigor)


The Rage of my People Fuels this Fire

He jests at scars that never felt a wound


H – Nerves of Steel
Hi – Improved Nerves of Steel
N – Arcane Background: Shamanism
5 – Strength d12
10 – Berserk
15 – Two Fistin
S – Vigor d12
25 – Don’t Get Em Riled
30 – New Power: Turtle’s Shell
35 – Brawny
V – Fleet
45 – Totem Spirit: Wolf
50 – Iron Jaw
55 – New Power: Greater Healing
H – New Power: Horned Owl’s Fury
65 – New Power: Spirit Walker
70 – Hard to Kill
75 – Improved Hard to Kill
L – White Wolf
85 – Tough as Nails
90 – Tougher than Nails
95 – Rock Skin (G)
100 – New Power: Contact Spirit World


Kaneonuskatew, also known as Kane to those who could not pronounce his name. He was charged to find out why his elders saw strange vision of the Grand Canyon. He died taking a blast of black lightning to the chest… only to claw his way out of the ground. He later died again after taking a rogue bullet to the head from O’Malley. Now freed from the manitou that had brought him back, he stalks them in the afterlife with his friend Goshe.


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