Frank White


Cognition: 4d8
Arts: Engraving: 3, Scrutinize: 3, Search: 3

Smarts: 3d10
Ridicule: 5(+2 The Grating Voice),Streetwise: 3

Knowledge: 1d12
Area Knowledge: Fulton County, Georgia: 2 & Atlanta, Georgia: 2
Trade: Clockmakin’: 3 & Gunsmithin’: 5

Mien: 3d4

Deftness: 3d12
Lockpickin’: 5, Shootin’: Pistols: 7+4 & Rifles: 5, Speed Loadin’: 4

Nimbleness: 3d6
Climbin’: 3, Dodge: 4, Fightin’: Brawlin’: 5, Horse Ridin’: 3, Sneak: 4, Swimmin’: 2

Quickness: 4d10
Quick Draw: 5

Spirit: 3d6
Guts: 5

Strength: 2d8

Vigor: 2d8

Gallow’s Humor
The Voice: Grating
Trademark: Pistols
Natural: Pistols
Right Hand of the Devil

Self-Righteous, Stubborn, Impulsive, Superstitious: Belief that his revolver and golden eagles are the lucky charms that saved his life from the onslaught of Bill McGriever

Backpack, Bedroll. Canteens x2. Lantern, 1 Gallon Lantern Oil. Rifle Scabbard. Winchester Widowmaker ‘76 with Improved Rifle Sight: +1 Shootin’ for distances greater than 50 yards. Gun Belt. Speed Loader. Quick-Draw Holsters x2. “The Seven Deadly Virtues” that is loaded with Ghostrock Bullets and chambers oiled with Ghost Oil. Brass Knuckles. Knife. Deadman’s Hand Watch. $182.

The Seven Deadly Virtues
A modified double-action Colt Peacemaker bares a 7-cylinder round, an extended barrel, a set trigger, silver plating, engravings of gold, and a custom handle with two clocks made into it. The pistols left-hand of the pistol is engraved with the motif of barbed wire and flames upon the metal and demons with flames upon the black ash wood that makes up that side of the hilt. The clock on the left-hand side is golden with a silver upside cross beset behind it, the outside portion of the clock itself appearing to be two imps slithering after each other with the clock hands being their twisted, spade-tipped tails. Upon the right-hand side of the pistol, the engravings upon the metal take the look of rose vines with gold leaf patterns. The hilt half proves to be made of white ash wood with carving of angels armed with swords and the clock itself taking upon the appearance of an angel clasping it, a normal, silverish cross beset in the background. The hands of this clock appear as swords. Upon the cylinder, the designs upon the rounded back end and spaces between the chambers would be of enterwining barbed wire and rose vines. The chambers themselves would simple have two words paired together, one a Deadly Sin and the other one of the Heavenly Virtues: 1.Pride/Humility, 2.Envy/Kindness, 3.Wrath/Forgiveness, 4.Sloth/Diligence, 5.Greed/Charity, 6.Gluttony/Temperance, 7.Lust/Chastity


Frank White

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