Update for you player types: In case you missed it amongst the dust of my remodeling, a new article is up under the House Rules section of the page: Characters of Quality. Read it and apply it. Unless you don’t want extra power to come your way, in which case, who are you and what did you do with my player?

There’s also Achievements for the XP Whore in all of us. Which is basically all of us.

Finally, make sure to scan The Darkest Timeline, which kind of fills in the gaps (so far as they can be filled) and explains the major differences in my Reloaded timeline.

An epic Deadlands yarn, currently mucking about the timeline of taking place in the Wasted West. If you can picture the unholy flipper baby of Sergio Leone, Sam Raimi, and Mel Brooks, you’ll kind of see what we’ve got going on in here.

Get your heaters ready, you palookas. Noir is coming.

Video of the Indeterminate Time Frame to Get Pumped for Next Session

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