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House Rules
Because I can never leave well enough alone.

The Great Playlist
Now almost to max capacity!

The Tombstone Epitaph
All the news that’s fit to print!

Last Stand
Being a chronicle of the town and surroundings of Last Stand, Arizona.

Glass Stand
Being a chronicle of what remains of the town of Last Stand after Judgment Day.

Lost Stand
Being a chronicle of the Banshee colony of Lost Stand… wait, what?

New Edges and Hindrances
More ways to kill things.

New Arcane Backgrounds
More ways to kill things spectacularly.

The Book of Revelations
Some new and/or alternate stuff and fluff for Hell on Earth.

Cowboys From Heck
Cancelled due to abysmal ratings.

Cowboys in Spaaace!
An ongoing attempt to make Lost Colony feel like an actual separate campaign world and not just a crappy extension to HoE. My great white whale, and will likely never get finished.

Cowboys in Black
Well, more like detectives and zombies, but I can’t go messing up the naming scheme now.

The Trouble With Advancement
“A Statistical Guide to Whether You Should Raise a Die or Go For Something Else” by Luca

Main Page

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