Cowboys From Hell

The Darkest Timeline: HoER

Episode 1: Breaking Out Is Hard to Do?
Waking up in the Blackleaf Correctional Facility with little to no recollection how they got there, the posse makes an easy escape before an encounter with some of the wasteland’s denizens forces them to rethink their plans.

Episode 2: Deja Vu All Over Again
The posse makes a quick detour to Boise to try and reconnect with old friends, only to find the world they woke up in has apparently gone to Hell (well, even more so) in their absence, before making their way to Devil’s Canyon and a strange encounter with a man from their future past.

Episode 3: Cartomancy
Continuing their trek south, the posse finally comes to Junkyard, where Jessie gets himself in trouble with the law and Ulysses gets a troubling tarot reading.

Episode 4: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb
In exchange for their freedom, the posse works with the Junkyard militia to stop a plot by the Combine. In the middle of this, they find two things equally troubling: an undetonated ghost rock nuke, and the Man in Black.

Episode 5: The Fool
After clearing things up with Judge Toliver, the posse gains two new members and a familiar face. Heading south toward Last Stand, AZ, Eli and the posse are reunited. The reunion is not without its fair share of difficulties and answers to lingering questions only add more questions to the list.

Episode 6: The Krewe of Rex
The posse is New Orleans bond in search of the Saint of Vengeance but they’ll have to survive Mardi Gras first. With the King of Mardi Gras dispatched, they meet with Mama Tibutu and receive foreboding insight into their future and discover a strange figure following them at a distance.

Episode 7: The House of Stone and Light
Returning to Last Stand, the posse finds more of the Templar swords and tabards staked in the Mourning Star cemetary. Ulysses strikes out on his own to the Grand Canyon while everyone else meets a strange trio of seemingly unstoppable foes.

Episode 8: To Live and Die in LA
The posse comes across the last surviving priest of the Church of Lost Angels, who offers to help them. An encounter with not one but two of the fearmongers residing around LA is only the start of their problems, however, as the mysterious triplets appear and abduct one of their own.

Episode 9: All for One
Eerieness is the name of the day as the posse finally meets their strange stalker and heads off to Neverneverland Ranch to save D’Artagnan from the clutches of none other than the undead Michael Jackson! Afterwards, the two Templars decide to return to Boise to pay their final respects – only to encounter a Horror none of them expected!

Episode 10: How the West Was Wyrd
After the destruction of the Boise Temple, the posse is confronted by Flagg, who seems to reveal the reasons behind his manipulations to Ulysses. In an attempt to free them from the Fates, he sends them to a place where even Fate can’t be touched.

Episode 11: The Greatest Trick the Devil Ever Pulled
Crossing into a dark section of the Hunting Grounds with a little help from a being who may or may not have been Charon the Ferryman of myth, each member of the Posse is confronted by their own worst nightmares. Eventually freeing their old friend O’Malley from his torment and finally finding Mary Lou, one member of the group is forced to make an impossible choice.

Episode 12: Not With a Bang…



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